For Developers

Instead of your developers typing up change logs for your QA team, let your workflow do that for you and save time.
No more forgotten changes.
For Testers

When there are issues during QA the full request is immediately flagged giving your engineers the feedback they need to fix it.
Drastically reduce missed bugs.
For Dev-Ops Engineers

Once engineering and QA teams have signed off on the proposed changes, your dev-ops team gets the green light.
Ship confidently. Every time.

Include QA Checklists in Your CI/CD Workflows
Value and save your team's time by streamlining collaboration and shipping faster.

   Buisness Really Want This
   Customers Want This Too
   Support Really Needs This
   Handle Customer Edge Case
   Handle Support Edge Case

   Works for the Business
   Works for the Customer
   Works for Support
   Fixes customer bug
   Fixes support bug

Powerful Insights for QA Teams
Know how much work there is, and how the workload is distributed across your QA team.

Automatically Searchable, Platform-Wide Changelog
Are you writing release notes? Make them available and searchable, immediately.

Release: Searchable Changelogs
releasechecker/ PR #2654

21 seconds ago - (2019-01-17 14:47:30 UTC)
  • DEV-5702: Create Changelog UI Components
  • DEV-5703: Implement ElasticSearch Engine for Changelog
  • DEV-5706: Hooks to maintain search index
  • DEV-5706: Helper Utilities to Initialize Changelog Search Index

Release: Github CI
releasechecker/ PR #2653

3 weeks ago - (2018-12-27 14:47:51 UTC)
  • DEV-4769: Checklist Status Summary for Github (passed, failed, pending)
  • DEV-4770: Fetch & Maintain PR Status (open, closed, merged)
  • DEV-4771: Update Commit Hash based on checklist status (Github API)